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We like to think of it as the Longo’s equivalent to Oprah’s Most Favourite Things…it’s the release of Longo’s Experience Magazine Holiday Issue (our BIGGEST ISSUE EVER!).

I’ll give you a heads up that it will be available FREE in-stores beginning Friday November 4th.

Now, I know you don’t want to be reminded that the holidays are about seven weeks away, but let me tell you…it just might take you seven weeks to read through this issue filled with wonderful recipes, ideas and treats to inspire and create memorable food experiences with your family and friends.

Longo’s for the Holidays promises to make it easy for you to enjoy the season and entertain with ease using the many effortless, impressive and affordable meal and entertaining solutions as your guide.

Within our BIGGEST ISSUE EVER, you will also enjoy reading about our food experts’ travels to Italy and to California to bring you some of the most incredible foods, indulgences and produce at its peak of freshness.


I’ll be blogging about the trip to California in the upcoming weeks as I had the pleasure of joining our Produce Team. I’ll have to have a guest blogger (maybe Jenny Longo?) tell you about Italy, because apparently, I missed that flight.

You know its Christmas when the holiday issue comes bagged with the highly anticipated customer favourite: Longo’s 2012 Recipe Calendar.

In the modern age of PDAs (personal digital assistants), including electronic organizers on your phone, you would think that a hard-copy calendar would be an antiquated form of keeping track of things. But the Longo’s Recipe Calendar is still a highly sought after item. In fact, last year, I received a request from a customer who had been away over the holidays and missed picking up her calendar. They were long since gone in the stores (get yours while quantities last), but I managed to dig one up somewhere. Okay, I gave her mine, and now she comes to all of our family events and sends everyone I know birthday wishes. Okay, that’s not really true, but she was really grateful that she didn’t miss out because she hasn’t missed an issue of the calendar since they started in 2004! I guess they have become collector’s items, not only because of the great recipes and photography, but they are filled with nutrition tips and interesting food facts.

As a side note, in 2001, a long-term Longo’s customer (maybe we should call them Longo-termers?), returned a 1968 calendar that was given to Longo’s customers. The customer brought it to my Uncle Joe Longo and he proudly hung it at our Head Office.

Are you still here? Pssst…remember, the holiday issue and recipe calendar will be available tomorrow.

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One Response to Longo’s for the Holidays

  1. Susie

    Do I have to set up a tent outside of Longo’s tonight to storm the store in the morning for a calendar…..I’m considering it!

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